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concrete driveway for a single family home

Driveway repairs are a necessary evil. No one enjoys them, but they have to be done.
At Superior Concrete Townsville, we make driveway repairs easy and affordable for you. We understand that you have better things to do with your time than worry about your driveway, so let us take care of it for you.
Not only are our services quick and convenient, but we also use the highest quality materials available, so your driveway will last for years. Plus, we offer a wide range of colours and textures to choose from so you can find the perfect look for your home.
Contact us today for a free quote on repairing your driveway!


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    Types of driveway materials

    A driveway refers to a paved area connecting the street to your house or garage. It is usually made of concrete, asphalt, gravel, or cobblestones.
    The type of driveway you choose will depend on several factors, such as budget, climate, and aesthetics.

    How to choose the suitable material for your driveway

    Consider the following;
    1. Climate: If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, you will need a material that can withstand the elements. For example, asphalt is a good choice for areas with hot summers and cold winters.
    2. Budget: The cost of materials and installation can vary greatly. Asphalt is typically the most affordable option, while stone or concrete is more expensive.
    3. Aesthetics: The look of your driveway should complement the style of your home. A stone or brick driveway will be a good choice if you have a traditional home. If you have a modern home, concrete or asphalt may be more appropriate.

    Pros and cons of each type of material

    Each material has its unique pros and cons too.
    For concrete, the pros are that it’s strong and durable, has a long lifespan, is low maintenance, and can be customized with stamped patterns or stained to add interest. It’s susceptible to cracking in extreme weather conditions and can be damaged by de-icing salts.
    Asphalt is a less expensive option and is also low maintenance. It has a shorter lifespan than concrete but is easier to repair. It’s not as strong as concrete and can be damaged by de-icing salts and gasoline spills.
    Brick pavers are a more expensive option, but they’re also very durable and have a long lifespan. Can be damaged by de-icing salts, but they’re easier to repair than concrete.

    Tips for repairing a damaged driveway

    You can repair your driveway yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. If you choose to do it yourself, ensure you get the right materials and follow the instructions carefully. A few pointers to get you started are;
    – use a cold patch for small cracks and holes
    – use a trowel or putty knife to apply the patch
    – smooth it out, so it is level with the rest of the surface.
    Larger cracks require a hot patch, which you can buy at your local hardware store. Follow the same instructions above, but ensure you heat the patch before applying it. Once you’ve repaired the cracks and holes, you should seal your driveway.

    twin garage with a spacious concrete driveway

    How to maintain your driveway

    After you have a driveway installed on your property, maintenance is essential to keep it in good condition and increase its lifespan.
    Here are a few tips on how to maintain your driveway:
    — Sweep it regularly to remove any dirt, leaves or debris.
    — If there are any oil or gasoline spills, clean them up immediately.
    — Apply a sealer every few years to protect the surface from weather damage.
    — Have any cracks or chips repaired as soon as possible.
    If you follow these tips, your driveway will stay in good condition for many years.

    Why choose us?

    Is your driveway looking a little worse for wear?
    A new driveway can really give your home a facelift. Not to mention, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to getting in and out of the house.
    We offer a wide range of driveway options so you can find the perfect one for your home. Plus, we have a team of experts who will help you every step of the way – from choosing the suitable material to installation. You won’t have to worry about a thing.
    Contact Superior Concrete today for a free consultation!


      Newcastle Solar Power Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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